Directory of entities belonging to the Gecomex system authorized to carry out foreign trade services for the non-state sector

List of the 8 companies specialized in foreign trade activity that will provide import and export services to the non-state sector






Sales of merchandise under a consignation regime

GECOMEX continues to foment and offer its services for the commercialization of products in consignation
through its importation companies; offering diversity in quality merchandise, destined for the national industry
and other important sectors in the country.


Approval of Decree Laws on Commercial Guarantees

At a press conference based at the MINCEX, the approval of two new legal provisions that offer more guarantees to businesses with foreign capital and avoid damages to investors was announced.
The legal director of MINCEX, María del Carmen March and the legal secretary of the Central Bank of Cuba, Marta Lusson Arguelles, presented the decree laws approved for the use of commercial guarantees in support of the granting of external financing linked to businesses with foreign investment: Decree -Law No. 14 of the Pledge and the Mortgage and Decree-Law No. 15 of the Guarantee Trust.
Decree-Law 14, approved by the Council of State last September and published this Friday in the Extraordinary Official Gazette number 58, provides confidence and security to foreign investors through actions such as the mortgage and the pledge.
Legal regulations allow businesses with external capital to pledge their assets and rights with prior authorization from the Council of Ministers. The decree also authorizes the use of the mortgage on real estate or real rights in sectors of special economic interest, after the express approval of the highest governing body of the country.
The provision determines that the State has a preferential right to acquire the mortgage securities.
Decree-Law 15, published in the same number of the Official Gazette, establishes a legal framework for the use of the trust as a guarantee tool.
In this way, through a written contract, a natural or legal person can transfer custody of assets or ownership of certain rights to a financial entity. In this case, the approval of the Council of Ministers or the Council of State must also be obtained.
These types of actions already existed in Cuban legislation, but now the possibility of their use is being extended to other actors in the economy to support external financing.
The use of these norms, which will come into force within 30 days, will promote access to external forms of financing and thereby contribute to the development of various areas of the national economy.
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A new anniversary for MINCEX

MINCEX has been working for six decades in pursuit of revolutionary economic development, with an active presence in each of the most important moments of the nation. Coming into the New Year with a consolidated sector, and with the potential to be the driving force of new opportunities for the development of the Cuban economy.

In this great commemoration, the sacrifices, achievements and results of the hundreds of people who make up the great family of foreign trade, foreign investment and international economic collaboration stand out.

Gecomex joins the celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) - Foreign Trade at the service of Cuba.

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