Directory of entities belonging to the Gecomex system authorized to carry out foreign trade services for non-state forms of management.

List of the 8 companies specialized in foreign trade activity that will provide import and export services to non-state forms of management.






Sales of merchandise under a consignation regime

GECOMEX continues to foment and offer its services for the commercialization of products in consignation
through its importation companies; offering diversity in quality merchandise, destined for the national industry
and other important sectors in the country.


VUCE presented in its first phase

This morning, the online platform for the Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE) was officially published. This project, led by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, aims to facilitate processes related to activities related to international trade.

In collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the European Union, VUCE has been launched in its phase 1 and work is already underway in the secondary phase. The deployment of this platform also responds to the computerization needs of Cuban society; It represents a great step forward and adaptation to the requirements imposed by the international epidemiological situation due to COVID19.

Following are the statements by Minister Rodrigo Malmierca who chaired the event.


Distinguished authorities and businessmen who accompany us online;

Mrs. Consuelo Vidal Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System;

Mr. Andrea Rossi, Deputy Representative of the Mission of the European Union;

Distinguished visitors of the PORTAL VUCE.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment has the firm objective of developing foreign trade in Cuba, thus fulfilling the commitment made within the framework of the Trade Facilitation Agreement of the World Trade Organization.

In this sense, we have been collaborating with the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the European Union, in an important project: The creation of the Single Window for Foreign Trade of Cuba.

Today, August 6, we begin the implementation of the 1st phase of the project, which is materialized with the Platform of the Single Electronic Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE). The beginning of the operation of this useful working instrument is part of the effort made by the Cuban government for the computerization of our society.

The Portal is a content management system that allows documenting and publishing online the different procedures to carry out procedures related to foreign trade. The objective is to facilitate its management to Cuban and foreign entrepreneurs who carry out international buying and selling operations.

Each procedure is broken down into necessary steps, the places where the user must physically appear, as well as documents, approximate processing times, legal bases and contact personnel.

In this 1st stage, called eregulations, 97 procedures from 27 national authorities have been documented, managing to group 210 regulations related to foreign trade activity in a single site, including laws, decrees, regulations, procedures, administrative forms and certificates used or generated during the process.

With this technique, developed by UNCTAD, steps and requirements can be reduced by 50%, without modifying existing regulations.

In addition to offering information to foreign trade operators, this portal is also useful to simplify processes. In phases 2 and 3 of the VUCE program, all the procedures will be computerized so that the processes are more agile and there are fewer physical interactions.

We are already working on phase 2, whose objective is to simplify and computerize the registration processes of importers and exporters with MINCEX, the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, Customs and all authorizations prior to dispatch. Online registration is already in testing and we hope to be able to offer it to the public in October 2020. Then it will be possible to register at the same time with a single online form before Customs, the Chamber of Commerce and MINCEX.

Manual processes will be eliminated, eventual permits and drug import licenses will be put online through this platform.

Finally, in a third stage, the entire foreign trade chain will be computerized in a kind of integrated online management to obtain all prior permits and clearance.

The full implementation of the VUCE in Cuba will allow Cuban foreign trade actors (companies, declarants, freight forwarders, transporters, foreign suppliers) to simultaneously manage online, the authorizations and the necessary payments with the entities in charge of the registries and of permits prior to the dispatch of goods.

The Single Window for Foreign Trade will become a very useful instrument, according to the systematic efforts we make to improve Cuba's insertion conditions in the international market and the competitiveness of our products.

Beyond the facilitation of foreign trade administrative processes, the One-Way will have important implications for institutional interoperability within the country and, at a later time, with other One-Ways around the world.

The launch of the VUCE in its 1st phase takes place at a unique moment, when the COVID19 pandemic has created a situation of global economic crisis, aggravated in the case of Cuba by the tightening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the government of the United States.

The successful performance of the plan of measures designed by our government to face the pandemic continues in a 2nd stage with the implementation of an economic-social strategy to boost the economy in a scenario of prolonged international crisis.

In these efforts, computerization and electronic government play an important role. Cuba will not renounce the promotion of economic and social development and the computerization of processes.

I do not want to conclude without thanking UNCTAD and the Cuban company DESOFT for the good interrelation of work achieved in the implementation of the technology transfer and the displacement of the application to the system operators in Cuba, as well as the European Commission for the help financial to make the project a reality.

Dear businessmen and guests: Cuba will continue to promote concrete projects like this one, with the aim of expanding and diversifying our economic ties abroad and making Cuban foreign trade more efficient. The Single Window is a step forward. This platform under construction will continue to specialize to provide speed and accuracy to import and export operations. Without further ado, we invite you to browse the site.

Thank you so much


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Forum Debate on the possibilities of importing and exporting FGNE

Many have been the questions and doubts that arose between Cubans, as a result of the approval of the Social Economic Strategy to boost the economy in the face of the world crisis. In the specific case of the measure that will allow the carrying out of foreign trade activities (import and export) to Non-State Management Forms, the questions have not been long in coming.
Taking into account the importance of the measure in question, next Friday, August 7, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, an online Debate Forum will be held where executives and representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Finance and Prices, the Economy, and the Central Bank of Cuba will respond to comments and questions from the population.
The Forum will be held on the online platform of the information medium CubaDebate, with an electronic address
The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment invites all interested parties to participate and share the main doubts about the new opportunities for the development of the country.
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