About Us

The Foreign Trade Business Group (GECOMEX) is an entity that emerges in 2013 as a result of the process of updating the economic model that has been developed in Cuba during the recent years.

The group is formed by 18 companies with legal status and independent corporate assets, that conducts foreign trade, many of which are the most experienced in this activity in the country.

GECOMEX provides services related to foreign trade, being the ultimate Facilitator  in managing activities such as:

  • Import and Export of Goods and Services.
  • Representation of Foreign Companies.
  • Workforce Recruitment to work in Foreign Branches in Cuba.
  • Recruitment of Technical Staff to work abroad.
  • Auditing and Consulting Services.
  • Cargo Freight Forwarders.
  • Export and Import of Donations associated with International Cooperation.
  • Other services related to the activity.

GECOMEX with its import management guarantees the provision for activities prioritized by the Government such as Food, Industrial Development, Education, Sports and Health activities, as well as the economic  savings entailed by the Purchase Concentration depending on the strengthening of the Wholesale Trade in the country.

In the current and future scenarios that the Cuban economy will face, our organization will play a key role in the development of the country and the constant search for new markets and suppliers is one of our priorities.

You can find in GECOMEX the opportunity to trade with Cuba. Offer your products; know our services ... and we will facilitate your business.