The Foreign Trade Business Group (GECOMEX) is an entity that emerges in 2013 as a result of the process of updating the economic model that has been developed in Cuba during the recent years.

The group is formed by 14 companies with legal personality and independent assets, which perform activities related to foreign trade; most of these companies have vast experience in the sector.

GECOMEX provides a wide service portfolio that aims to satisfy our clients and suppliers requirements; being a quintessential and the main facilitator in managing activities such as:

  • Import and export of goods and services
  • Representation of foreign companies
  • Recruiting workforce to operate in the branches of foreign companies in Cuba
  • Recruiting technical personnel to work abroad
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Export and import of donations associated to international collaboration
  • Sales of merchandise under a consignation regime
  • Other services requested by the clients and suppliers associated to this activity

GECOMEX with its import management, guarantees the provision for activities prioritized by the Government in key areas of the economy, such as the food industry, the industrial and agricultural development, education, health and sports, through purchase concentration with an incidence in the consolidation of the wholesale trade in the country.

In the current and future scenarios that the Cuban economy will face, our organization will play a key role in the development of the country, where the constant search for new markets and suppliers is one of our priorities.

You can find in GECOMEX the opportunity to trade with Cuba. Offer your products; know our services ... and we will facilitate your business.