Import and Export of Goods and Services

GECOMEX dispone de Empresas con experiencia en la actividad de Comercio Exterior y a través de las cuales se realizan anualmente más del 36% de las Importaciones y el 16% de las Exportaciones del país en Bienes


Entities providing the service: Product(EXP):
CUBAZUCAR Sugar in bags, High polarization Raw Sugar, Refined sugar, Organic Sugar, Organic molasses,


Entities providing the service: Products(IMP):
ALIMPORT Beans , Beans, Soy complex, Others, Cárnicos y Lácteos ,
CONSUMIMPORT Office supplies, Stationery, Office furniture, General furniture, Hand tools, spare parts and accessories hardware, Locks & Security, Power Tools, Accessories and Spare Parts, Electrical, Computer and Office Equipment, Supplies computer, Thread the snuff, Sewing Threads, Items for obituary services, Equipment, parts and accessories of Climate., Equipment, parts and accessories Refrigeration, Hydraulic Systems and Sanitary Facilities, Uniform Apparel, Sports apparel, Working Garments, Garment Accessories, Cleaning Supplies, Articles of Promotion and Advertising., Awards and Trophies, Batteries, flashlights and accessories, Footwear and Leather Goods, Footwear of Uniformity, Sports Shoes, Working Shoes, Jewellery, Spraying equipment and spare parts, Equipment, tools and sports equipment, Equipment and supplies for the graphics industry, Equipment and Material Photo and Video, Lingerie, Equipment and supplies Restaurants, Textiles and Accessories, Means of Human Protection, Household Home Accessories, Building Materials, Asphalt Blankets and Imprimantes, Hygiene and Cleanliness, Appliances, Sewing Machinery and Accessories, Hair and Makeup, Toys and bottles, Equipment and supplies for laboratories, Items for containers, Musical Instruments, Lighting,
MAPRINTER Timber, Resins, Paper and paperboard, Paintings, Glass, Flexible packaging,
MAQUIMPORT Blankets polyethylene and polypropylene., HDPE plastic mesh and steel, Dumpsters., Industrial bearings, belts, electrodes, Leather work boots and PVC, Media Labour Protection, Aluminium profiles for the creation of doors and windows., Machine Tools, Agricultural, Industrial and Construction, Tyres and accessories., Lithographed aluminum tubes for packing the Export Snuff., Hardware and Hand Tools., PPP for Machinery and Industrial Equipment, Elevators., Silos for grain storage., Nuts, bolts and washers, General supplies for the tobacco industry (hardware for snuff boxes).,
METALCUBA Wire, Steel Wire (Commercial Quality, ALE, and Galvanized barbed), Steel Angle (equal and unequal Wings), Steel bars (round, square and hexagonal, cold or hot rolled), Sheets (hot rolled, cold, galvanized and prepainted, in rolls or format), Steel strip, Iron Steel (Commercial Quality, Naval Using Structural alloyed and floor), Planchuela Steel (Commercial Quality Structural alloyed, cold or hot rolled), Steel Tube (with seams and seamless utility, structural, special uses and boilers), Galvanized Pipes (with or without seam), I-beam, U and H L-C, Stainless steel (sheet formats, Iron, profiles and pipes), Non-Ferrous: Lead, tin, zinc, aluminum, copper and its alloys in any format, Tin Containers and Lids, Domes and membranes for fuel tanks, Powder metal and slag,
QUIMIMPORT Pesticides, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Refrigerant gases, Organic and inorganic chemicals, Others,
TRANSIMPORT Agricultural Equipment, Equipment Transport, Load Handling Equipment, Parts and aggregates of equipment import and others,,

Representation of foreign companies

Representamos y velamos por los intereses de compañías extranjeras que radican en nuestro país

Entities providing the service: Entities:

Recruiting workforce to operate in the branches of foreign companies in Cuba

Through us you can hire the best people available who work in your company.

Entities providing the service: Entities:

Recruiting technical personnel to work abroad

We seek the best solutions for their needs, hiring highly qualified technical staff with extensive experience in dissimilar activities

Freight forwarding services

Integrated Freight Services end to international sea and air freight forwarding. Inspection Services, Insurance and Customs Office before. Agent loads.

Entities providing the service: Entities:

Export and import of donations associated to international collaboration

We have the largest gifts company executing country

Consignation Regime

Sales of merchandise under a consignation regime

Entities providing the service: Entities:

Other services requested by the clients and suppliers associated to this activity

Entities providing the service: Entities:

Foreign trade services for non-state forms of management

Gecomex companies assume sales in freely convertible currency (MLC) to Non-State Forms of Management.