Cuban Exporting Company of Foods and Several Products in Cuba

CUBAEXPORT was created in 1965 by the Ministry of Foreign Trade to develop the export of food and various products in the international market. In 2013 the Business Group for Foreign Trade (GECOMEX) integrates Their presence in the international market for 50 years demonstrates the strength and professionalism in business that has developed in Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Guadeloupe and Martinique, the Middle East, Turkey and Greece among other countries. We provide technical and commercial assistance, systematically we monitor quality control for export and import, according to market requirements. The company has executive staff with several years of experience in the business and high professional level. CUBAEXPORT agencies have signed contracts with Global Commodities UK Ltd in London, England and GALAX Inc in Montreal, Canada to focus on European and Canadian markets respectively. Some other bee products are in promotion such as honey mixtures, propoleos and Bee wax, and, among forest products the rosin gum, turpentine oil, hemp fiber and forest seeds.

Main Products:

Product Detail
Green coffee
Coffee roasted beans, Brand: Serrano select
Roasted and ground coffee
Cocoa beans
Bulk Honey Bee
Packaged honey bees, Brand: Ipsum
Charcoal craft
Live Animals
Forest Seeds
Product (Detail)
Green coffee(EXP)
Coffee roasted beans, Brand: Serrano select(EXP)
Roasted and ground coffee(EXP)
Cocoa beans(EXP)
Bulk Honey Bee(EXP)
Packaged honey bees, Brand: Ipsum(EXP)
Charcoal craft(EXP)
Live Animals(EXP)
Forest Seeds(EXP)

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Calle 23 No. 55, 8vo Piso entre Infanta y P. Plaza de La RevoluciĆ³n. La Habana, Cuba. (CP10400) (+53) 7838 05 89
(+53) 7838 05 90 al 93
(+53) 7833 35 87
Calle 23 No. 55, 8vo Piso entre Infanta y P. Plaza de La RevoluciĆ³n. La Habana, Cuba. (CP10400)
(+53) 7838 05 89
(+53) 7838 05 90 al 93
(+53) 7833 35 87
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