Cuban Exporting Company of Sugar and its Derivatives in Cuba

Established in January 1962, the company exporting sugar and its derivatives, known as CUBAZUCAR, has become one of the export leaders of Cuba. We internationally trade the sugar industry products with quality, reliability, flexibility and professionalism. The direct link to the Cuban sugar production has placed us in an environment of significance and relevance within the domestic economy as well as in the World Sugar Market. We are a member of the Associations of Raw Sugar, Refined Sugar of London, respectively, with a sustained and active work within the activities framework carried out by the International Sugar Organization (OIA). For our operations we use the service of 5 mechanized terminals and two container terminals, conveniently located on the north and south coasts of Cuba. The installation of laboratories and specialized services supervision of contracted goods, provide the necessary assurance and quality monitoring, weight, among other important aspects of the products to be exported to more than 15 countries on all continents.

Main Products:

Product Detail
Sugar in bags
High polarization Raw Sugar
Refined sugar
Organic Sugar
Organic molasses
Product (Detail)
Sugar in bags(EXP)
High polarization Raw Sugar(EXP)
Refined sugar(EXP)
Organic Sugar(EXP)
Organic molasses(EXP)

Contact Info

Address Phone Fax
Calle 23 No 55, 7Mo piso, Plaza de la RevoluciĆ³n, La Habana. Cuba (CP 10400) (+53) 7838 06 12
(+53) 7833 34 82
Calle 23 No 55, 7Mo piso, Plaza de la RevoluciĆ³n, La Habana. Cuba (CP 10400)
(+53) 7838 06 12
(+53) 7833 34 82
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